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What's the Humble Walk up to?

First worship of the Spring Semester:
Sunday, January 28, 2018

Spring Break Mission Trip to Puerto Rico:
March 16-23, 2018
The Humble Walk typically organizes and sponsors at least three retreats a year: 

- Leadership retreat before the start of school
- Fall retreat to Ocean City along with campus ministries in Baltimore & Delaware
- Winter retreat at the end of January term

In addition, we sponsor an alternate spring break trip to learn about a modern issue facing society and what we can do about it, as well as an end of the year roadtrip. 

Join us to learn more about the Bible and Christian life, to see how we can make an impact on the most dire problems facing the world today, and to have fun together! 

For more information on the next trip, email  
Where Have We Traveled in The Past?

Winter Break Trip 2017: Jerusalem

End of the Year 2017: Europe

Spring Break 2017: North Carolina

End of the Year 2016: Haiti

Spring Break 2016: South Carolina-Race and Poverty

End of The Year 2015: Appalacha-Beauties and Challenges of the area

Spring Break 2015: Jacksonville, FL-Refugee Resettlement

Winter Retreat 2015: New York- United Nations and Church Advocacy

End of The Year 2014: US/Mexico Border- Immigration and Life on 
                                                                     The Border

Spring Break 2014- Atlanta/Birmingham/Selma, Montgomery- Race

End of The Year 2013- South Dakota/Pine Ridge Reservation

Spring Break 2013- Philidelphia- Homelessness and Poverty